So what is this all about?

She is Adventure provides a voice for the adventurous, the fearless, the determined, the focussed, the never-giver-uppers.

Here is where you’ll find real stories about incredible women. We’re talking about the stories that go behind the ‘gram; the stories that show the highs and lows of adventure and the grit and determination taking women to new frontiers.

Our aim is simple. If you want to get outdoors, we want to give you the confidence to go. If you want to upgrade your gear, we want to give you the advice you need. If you want to make a difference, we want to inspire you.

We want to empower you to forge your own path.

Who is writing it?

Brooke Nolan and Kirrily Schwarz are two journalists who value good storytelling. We’re everyday adventurers, just like you. We interview people who are doing amazing things to empower you to get ourdoors, too.

Brooke Nolan

Brooke’s professional background is in agency journalism and advertising. She’s originally from England and she moved to Australia in 2016 with the simple aim of spending more time outside.

She is an everyday adventurer and her main love is hiking. In the past few years, her feet have carried her on some pretty amazing adventures, including Tasmania’s Overland Track, South Australia’s Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk and many others around NSW, ACT and VIC.

Brooke volunteers as a hiking guide in her new backyard, the Blue Mountains, with a charity caled Emu Trekkers and she recently guided her first hike on the Northern Territory’s Larapinta Trail.

She’s a big fan of hikes that include wine, cheese and caves.

Kirrily Schwarz

Kirrily’s career started in breaking news television before she moved into digital journalism and then content marketing. She is Australian and grew up in a small country town in Victoria before moving to Sydney in 2014.

Her main loves are rock-climbing and hiking, but honestly she loves adventures of all kinds. She’s been on a multi-day canoe trip in Alaska, ridden a horse through Ireland’s beautiful Killarney National Park, trekked to Everest Base Camp and been scuba diving through huge coral gardens in the Cook Islands.

She’s happiest when carrying her overweight pack, Big Bertha (which has been known to have a bottle of red stashed inside to enjoy along the way).

What are our values?

The real story

We go behind the ‘gram. We don’t just focus on the glossy pictures – we tell real stories, warts and all.

Quality over quantity

We are committed to quality content and are driven by the stories we think need telling, not by click-throughs.

Environmentally conscious

We understand that we must protect the environment for future generations. We are always aware of the environmental impact of our actions and our stories.

Inspire above all

We want people’s reaction to what we write to be ‘I want to do that’ and ‘I can do that’. We use the voice and stories of those out there already, to inspire those who want to be.

Everyday adventurers

We are not for elite athletes. We are for the ‘person on the street’ looking to add adventure to their lives in whatever form that takes. We champion the everyday adventurer.

Inform and educate

We take a holistic view and look at the issues impacting the industry, the environment, and female adventurers. We write about what matters.

How can I get in touch?

We would love to hear your story ideas and your comments. Reach out on our Contact page or connect with us on Facebook.